Power the Pedal for People

Over 100,000 families in Guatemala lack clean water. Neighboring countries report similar numbers. 

Malnutrition effects more than 30% of children.

Farm families live on about $ 5.50 per day and many children perform manual labor instead of attending school.

Many attempt dangerous migration to the USA seeking farm work. 


The Maya  people may be the last best change to preserve indigenous culture in the world.   The Maya culture, its archeology, arts, crafts, agriculture and customs have survived 500 years of colonial rule and 36 years of civil war, yet today, adapting to 21st century is the greatest challenge in the Mayan’s long history. 

Maya Pedal, for over 20 years, provides solutions. Proven, effective and simple solutions 

Power the Pedal

Power the Pedal is a simple and affordable way to help. 

  •  Local staff or our partners in remote areas assess needs.  Neighborhoods , families, and communities are identified and interviewed.
  • Ability to pay is determined and project images are then posted on  Power the Pedal with description of the machines needed.
  • The project is then available for funding by a donor family, a church, a bike shop, a club, a youth group, etc.
  • When a project is funded Maya Pedal produces, delivers and installs the machines, usually within 4 months of funding.
  • Upon completion Maya Pedal posts photographs of the machines in-place.

Maya Pedal does what it says it will,  when it says it will.

If you, your family, group, bike club, church wishes to Power the Pedal for a community you may click on the Paypal link and fully fund a project or if you would like to chose a project and fundraise for it, please send us a message. Either way your gift is empowering people to change their lives. Usually a project is completed within four months.

If you would like to visit the incredibly diverse and beautiful country of Guatemala to tourist and volunteer, (voluntouring)  at Maya Pedal, let us know. We guarantee the experience will change your life. 

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