Maya Pedal

The Amazing Bicycle Machines of Guatemala

Since 1997, Maya pedal, a Guatemala nowned NGO has designed and manufactured pedal-powered machines from used bicycles. Bicycle machines, become water pumps, corn cobbers, grain mills, coffee bean de-pulpers, concrete roof tile maker bike blenders, electric generator bike, macadamia nut shellers and more.                                                                                                                    

Our machines:

Maya Pedal has been recognized for its triple impact inventions. Economic, Social and Environmental

  • reduce farm labor
  • raise income
  • provide clean wate
  • create small businesses

Why bicycles?

  • Maya Pedal believes simple solutions are usually the best solutions, even for complex problems.
  • Bicycles are appropriate technology for economies where electric energy is not available or not affordable.
  • Bike machines are relatively inexpensive, user maintained and repaired, and emit no pollution.
  • Leg driven pedal powered machines generate about 5 times the energy and productivity as arm powered machines and are generally 20 times faster than hand work.

«Thankful to God and the people who support us to continue helping many people in rural areas.»


Mario Juarez Siquinajay
DIRECTOR Guatemala


In recent years there has been a massive deterioration of nature, due to the uncontrolled exploitation of the benefits that it produces, this affects the destruction of the same man, having forgotten that he is part of herself, having a sleeping consciousness, does not control his actions and many kill all existing life forms, for this and much more, I invite you to join the people who fight for a better world, using the things that are at our service with equity leading a life closer of what God has left us NATURE we respect life and our hearts will be larger and more human.

Message Mario Juárez Siquinajay.  

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