Board of Directors

○Mario Juárez – Director and Legal Representative,

Mario Juárez Siquinajay, a Kaqchiquel-speaking indigenous person, son of Elena Siquinajay and Enrique Juárez. Mario, founder of Maya Pedal with Richard Andrews from Vancouver Canada. He has worked with bike-machines since 1998. participating in several important international events such as: conferences to MIT Engineers, conference at the Hidalgo State Autonomous University, Peal Power Canada Workshops, Gerona Spain Workshops. Mario defines his dreams as providing appropriate technology, bicimaquinas, for the beneficiaries of low-income families in rural areas of Guatemala.


○María Veronica Buch – President

Veronica obtained her university degree in Social Work, and is a vital person in the strategies and support of Maya Pedal, for her vast experience in group management and working with girls. She is the national coordinator of Let Girls Lead, (Rise Up)  in Guatemala. Veronica is tireless in her quest to improve lives in Latin America.  She contributes her volunteer time as president of Maya Pedal.

○Maria Elena Siquinajayis an enterprising woman, an example leader of her community, she has been a pillar for what maya pedal does and what maya pedal is. She uses a bike-blender and a bike-mill, they are tools to make Shampoos 7 different extracts.

 ○Carlos Juárez – Logistic Support

Workshop and Office

○Danha Alvarado

Main leader of the Municipal Network The Girls Lead San Andres Itzapa, Right now they are developing a project called join for my rights.

○Melody Juarez

At 18 years old, Melody already has nearly a decade of experience in the shop, office, field, and as presenter in public.

○Yency Cuat

She is in charge of attending to visitors, as well as collaborating in the Maya Pedal workshop.

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