Board of Directors

○Mario Juárez Siquinajay – Director and Legal Representative,

Mario Juárez Siquinajay, a Kaqchiquel-speaking indigenous person, son of Elena Siquinajay and Enrique Juárez Canox. Mario is the founder of Maya Pedal with Richard Andrews from Vancouver Canada. It is worth mentioning great people who were alongside in the early days of Maya Pedal. Rubelcy Molina, Ernesto Siquinajay, Mynor Bavo, Delfina Quelex, Margarita Cate, and rest in peace Felix Sunuc Chali. Mario has worked with bike-machines since 1998. Participating from the beginning as a skillful builder of bike-machines and promoter of the same, through experience he became the presenter in several important National and International events such as: Heroes Fest of the Rafael Landivar University , Lecturer at the South American Institute, Events at the Isthmus University, many practitioners of technical careers and engineering specialists have paraded through the maya pedal workshops. And in International conferences in the Bikes Not Bombs Organization of Boston Massachustts, Conference to engineers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, In Working Bikes of the city of Chicago, conference in the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo Mexico, Natural resources workshop of the City of Santa Maria Huatulco Huaxaca Mexico, participation in events of ONe Sky organization Pedal Power of Vancouver Canada, Workshop of construction of bicimaquias in Gerona Spain. Conference at the University of Quilmes Argentina, Presentation at Events to commemorate the 200 years of the Invention of the Bicycle organized by the German Embassy in Guatemala. The most famous media have made some reports on the work of maya pedal such as the Primer Impacto program, History Channel, BBC London UK, Univision program Don Francisco de Invita. Mario defines his dreams as providing appropriate technology, bike-machines to families, organized groups, National and international organizations that transfer the bicycle machines to communities in Guatemala and other countries in the world.


○María Veronica Buch – President

Verónica obtained her university degree in Social Work, and is a vital person in the strategies and support of Maya Pedal, due to her vast experience in managing groups and working with girls. She is the national coordinator of Let Girls Lead, (Rise Up) in Guatemala. Veronica is tireless in her quest to improve life in Latin America. She contributes her time as a volunteer as president of Maya Pedal. She has managed to get the girls from La Red Chimaltenango to train, to train as technicians in bike-machines. Veronica participates in several organizations that facilitate and mobilize the management of resources for different actions, always focused on the leadership of the Girls.

María Elena Siquinajay Sal

María Elena Siquinajay is an entrepreneurial woman, an example leader of her community, she has been a pillar of what is now Maya Pedal. Since 2001 she has supported the costs of bicycle entry support and supporting her strengths with vehicles, giving life to field projects. Elena being a born Leadership in the community, the community of San Andres Itzapa respects her for her strong heart in work and an example of development. She uses bike-machines a bike-blender for the elaboration of natural extracts Shampoos, which she has called Maya Sahmpoos, finding a market for their sale not only in the Mayan Pedalsino store in the shops of Antigua Guatemala, in Rainbow Cafe, Escalonia, Los Gigantes , Nimpot and others. There are 7 Extracts that all elebaorado elaborates with pedal maya machines.

Workshop and Office

○Danha Alvarado

Danha, is a potential Leader, at the age of 16 she joins the Maya peda Organization as a volunteer, 6 years of hard work, as an assembler of and painter of bike-maquias, and a disciplined support in the administration of maya pedal, her Leadership Strong in recent years made her the coordinator of the Sumate por mis Derechos Project, working with the Municipal Network of Girls Lideran Chimaltenango, who have their actions in San Andrés Itzapa, with close coordination with Maya Pedal.

○Melody Juarez

At 18, Melody already has almost a decade of experience in how each of the bike-machines works and of working in the construction workshop of the different models not only of bike-machines, but also of bio-sand filters, and especially to what she has dedicated the most in the last year to the empowerment of girls working in the coordination of maya pedal with the Lideran Girls.

○Yency Cuat

Yency is in charge of the store and office of maya pedal, she attends to visitors, orders for bike-machines, she is a tireless person full of life collaborating in all the actions of the workshop as well as the activities of Maya Pedal.

Gerardo Alvarez

builder technician, assembler, bi-machine instructor,

Mario David Azurdia

Welder Technician, Bike Machine Builder.

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